Living marian,
loving mercifully.

Mercy through Mary is a National Young Adult Outreach of the Mary and Mercy Center in Ave Maria, Florida. 

 Developing and deepening since the beginnings of the Church, the spirituality of total consecration to Jesus through Mary is one of our pillars with the Heart of the Gospel: Christ’s Love and Mercy for sinners, Divine Mercy. “Living Marian. Loving Mercifully.” These four words sum up the heart of our spirituality which we aim to bring to young adults in an engaging and fresh way.

Since Mary always leads us to Jesus (who is love and mercy itself) our mission is to share Christ’s transforming love, and spread His Merciful Outlook to college campuses,  youth groups, and young adult groups Nation Wide.  We do this through the creation of Catholic Spiritual groups on college campuses that are able to immerse themselves in the writings of Fr. Michael Gaitley 


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