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March 22 - May 14 (Feast of St. Corona)

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Join us in praying a Divine Mercy Chaplet starting Sunday, March 22nd, for 54 days for the specific intentions of Mercy for the souls of the dying, healing of the sick, the return of souls to the Church, and an end to the Coronavirus. The novena will conclude on Thursday, May 14th, for the feast of St. Corona, patron saint of epidemics.  

St. Corona, whose name comes from the Latin word “Crown,” was an early church martyr who died at approximately 170AD. Her remains are buried in Anzu, Italy. Her popularity has soared in recent days, not just because she shares a name with the coronavirus, but because ironically enough, she is regarded as a powerful intercessor when it comes to epidemics. How she became associated with epidemics is unclear, but we do know she was a saint of bold compassion and heroic courage and is a powerful source of intercession during this time. 

We can seek the intercession of St Corona for healing from this pandemic, but we should also seek her as a source of encouragement when we may be tempted to give in to despair or doubt.  

St. Corona’s feast day is May 14th 

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We are asking as many people as possible to join us for this novena at any point during the 54 days. If you are learning about this mission after March 22nd, don’t worry; join us at whatever day we are at, the more individuals united in intercession with Mary, the better.

Why 54 Days?

This 54-day novena was born out of a desire to imitate our Blessed Mother in her role to intercede for her children throughout the world. It lasts 54 days, consisting of a series of six consecutive novenas.  Mary intercedes for her children here on earth, for their sanctity and safety. Therefore, by joining our hearts with hers, our prayers can be of service to her to bring about an end to this global pandemic and an increase in souls encountering the Mercy of Christ. We desire to not just intercede for this country but the entire world. We have chosen the Divine Mercy Chaplet because it beautifully voices our desire for the world. The main prayer of the chaplet reads, “for the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.” This prayer captures our desire for Mercy to be poured out upon our world during this time of crisis. If you are unfamiliar with the prayers of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, click below to learn more about the Divine Mercy Devotion as well as to learn how to pray the chaplet.

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