Jesus I Trust You: It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

"Trusting in Jesus isn’t about having all the answers. Surrender isn’t a safety net that keeps us from discomfort."

“So, what are you doing with your life?”

It starts around junior year of high school, or maybe even before that. Other variations might include: what job do you want, who are you dating, why aren’t you dating, when are you getting married to whomever you’re dating, where do you want to live, where do you want to go to grad school, why don’t you want to go to grad school, why don’t you go work for my friend Susie’s husband, etc, etc.

We’re supposed to KNOW. And relatives at holiday functions make that exceedingly clear.

And then, you go back to school and whine to your friends about how your family is pressuring you to do x, y, and z and wow, that’s so dumb because you literally have no idea and how dare they ask you that.

In the next second, though, you turn right around and start imposing the same ridiculous standards upon yourself.

The need to know. The need to have it all figured out. For as little as we actually read terms and conditions, we’re kind of obsessed with them. We like safety nets. We like bumpers on bowling lanes (or maybe that’s just me) and we like total refund types of insurance.

            Maybe we talk about risks and spontaneity with a sort of romance mindset as young adults, but really, sometimes, we’re terrified. We’re terrified of the unknown. We’re terrified of a relationship not working out, we’re terrified of the year after we graduate, we’re terrified of being left without.

            We’re terrified of taking a step and not having needs met. Whether that’s in a relationship, where we’re being seen– what if we’re rejected? Or starting a new job, moving somewhere new– what if there’s no community? What if I’m met by failure?

            We want all of the assurances in the face of fear. We want all of the facts to disprove the logic of fear, because otherwise, our fists will be clenched. We want the facts, the statistics, and to know how every detail of how everything is going to work out.

            Let’s talk about Divine Mercy and this whole “Jesus I Trust In You” situation.

            Trusting in Jesus is about being completely confident that He is provision. Where’s the proof? In the victory of His death and resurrection.

            So: perhaps you don’t know exactly how trusting in Jesus is going to translate.

            The unknowns are still unknowns, but guess what? When you throw yourself into Divine Mercy, it’s all covered. And so, you befriend the unknown. You come to see it as a means for mercy to come and overflow, filling in every crevice, overflowing into every gap.

            Trusting in Jesus isn’t about having all the answers. Surrender isn’t a safety net that keeps us from discomfort.

            It’s saying that you’re choosing to trust something, Someone greater than what you understand, bigger than what you see. It’s ripping up the terms and conditions of what makes sense, and trusting in a mercy that has proven that it will never let us down.

            We don’t have to be afraid of the unknown nor do we have to fear the unexpected. We don’t have to have it all figured out before we start trusting in Jesus.

            The most powerful place to trust Him, to trust in His mercy, is the place where we are empty handed and without answers, without sense, without facts, without anything at all. We can lay down our need for control and just KNOW that He’s covering it all.

            When does Jesus ever tell us to be afraid? When does Jesus tell us that we have to have it all figured out? He doesn’t, ever. He just wants to wrap us in a mercy that brings peace beyond understanding.

            Right now, wherever you’re at, whatever your circumstances are — it’s time to trust.

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