Part two:

33 Days to Merciful Love

Loving Mercifully St. Therese of Lisieux Divine Mercy Holy Spirit Trust

The second step to becoming an MMDM is to read 33 Days to Merciful Love by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC.  This book provides the base for the Mercy component of the MMDM Spirituality.  Jesus is love and Mercy itself and this book gently leads us into a deeper understand of this important truth. As Brian Gail, Catholic speaker and Bestselling Author says, 33 Days to Merciful Love is “among the most important books of our generation…” 

Try it for yourself! Take part in the Nationwide Consecration opportunity and Consecrate to Merciful Love on Divine Mercy Sunday.

Looking to Go


Read Fr. Michael Gaitley’s, Consoling the Heart of Jesus, another do-it-yourself retreat that brings together the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius of Loyola with other spiritual traditions, this book teaches us what it means to trust the Lord and embrace his tender and loving Mercy.


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