My Lady Blue

When I was wand’ring o’er the beach
and keeping waves just out of reach
I felt a breeze, glanced up to see
a girl whose eyes were fixed on me
I looked back down and turned away
still kicking pebbles in my way
but next I knew, she’s next to me
just ambling by the sparkling sea.
Her hair was brown, her dress was blue
she asked me where I’s heading to
I replied, I didn’t care
I’d no map to anywhere
just keep my distance from the strangers
got a sword for every danger
haven’t slept for quite a while
I’ve had to watch for crocodiles
so here I am, and who are you?
I asked the lady dressed in blue.
She met my tired wary eyes
her quiet smile strange and wise
her cheeks were youthful; eyes said kind
though life had drawn some smile lines
but something seemed familiar there
and it dawned as I returned her stare
that I knew that smile, knew that face
from younger years of trust and grace.
But she didn’t answer, just walked up
and held me in a gentle hug
and I felt the breeze run through my hair
and then she spoke, and said, my Clare
let me guide you, just be meek
I’ll take you to the rest you seek
here’s my bracelet, don’t forget
I’m always with you, fear no threat
and even when the storms are fierce
and darkness clouds your eyes and ears
recall the moon, and know it shines
above the mountains, in the sky
behind the day, and in the night
although it may be out of sight
I’ll never leave you, just have faith
I’m in your heart, I’ll give you strength.
And with those words, she brushed my cheek
then pointed towards the mountain peak
and I turned to ask her where she’ll be
but only saw the sand and sea 
and I looked out o’er that ocean blue
its choppy waves and glinting hue
I closed my eyes and felt the sun
and though I’ve run from everyone
this woman saw my broken heart
and I trusted her with every part
and though bruised and weary, still I knew
this girl had known my sorrow too.
And so I climb the mountains tall
and sometimes cry whene’er I fall
and when I feel I’m all alone 
I doubt the moon has ever shone
but then recall that blessed day
when lady love had lit the way
and rain just seems the sweeter now
I sing along to winds that howl 
for darkness makes the crickets chirp
and moonlight comes and warms the earth.
And I think about the time ahead
and wonder when we’ll meet again
but every day I start anew
and try to keep my footsteps true
through every little thing I do
for I so love my lady blue.

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