Life Changing...

“This retreat with Fr. Gaitley was truly life-changing.
It not only inspired me to dive deeper in my relationship with Mary, but compelled me to bring others close to her too!"

Teresa Choals, University of Minnesota 


"Our retreat—with talks led by Fr. Gaitley, a trip to the National Shrine of Divine Mercy, and daily Mass with the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy—was amazing. It urged me to love and rely on Mary more, to trust God more, and to share Marian Consecration with those around me."

John Fuller, Ave Maria University 

Jade Guza
Ave Maria University

"After being exposed to Fr. Gaitley's spirituality through this Young Adult Program, my spiritual life was transformed. My eyes were opened to the depth of Divine Mercy and I felt filled with optimism, rather than despair. I feel closer to God than ever before, and that is thanks to the knowledge and enlightenment I received from this program."

Annie Melody
Franciscan University

"I know that my goal is sainthood, but often I feel this is unachieveable faroff goal. Fr. Michael Gaitley helped open my eyes to the reality of God's mercy, and how His mercy makes Sainthood an achieveable goal. Mary is ready to guide us towards an envelopment of God's mercy, if only we allow her to guide our lives."

Katie Raddell
Cleveland State University

"Consecrating myself to Mary and Divine Mercy through this Youth Adult Program have been the two most influential moments of my life. These two actions have changed my life in ways I never thought were possible, I have grown into the confident and joyful person that I always wanted to be."

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